Do do hee inspired outfits Kim Yoo Jung in Kdrama - My Demon

Kim Yoo Jung's Fashion. Inspired Looks in Korean drama "My Demon". Best Work, Office, Corporate, Business Casual outfits - Classic, Old Money Style

In the enchanting world of 'My Demon,' where fantasy meets contemporary romantic comedy, Kim Yoo-Jung graces the screen as the uber-successful and business-savvy Do Do-Hee. As we embark on this devilish journey filled with chemistry and comedic escapades alongside Song Kang, one element that steals the spotlight is undeniably Kim Yoo-Jung's glamorous fashion. Let's delve into the wardrobe magic that has us hooked since the premiere on November 24.

Kim Yoo Jung, a beacon of elegance and style.

Today we introducing her Best Office Looks we have inspired from this Drama.


The elegance and style Blouse, effortlessly captivated attention as she donned a white organza see-through scarf blouse from DINT. The ensemble wasn't just an outfit; it was a manifestation of sophisticated grace, a seamless blend of fashion and poise.

do do hee my demon outfits inspired - kim yoo jung's style in my demon


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LOOK №2 

In the second episode, she showcased her impeccable sense of style by effortlessly styling a navy stripe bustier jumpsuit from L’HAS. The fashion maestro elevated the ensemble by layering it with a classic white collar t-shirt and an Off-White cross-body bag, was a testament to her fashion prowess,  creating a chic and contemporary look that seamlessly blended sophistication with a touch of casual flair.

do do hee my demon outfits my demon kim yoo jung's style

Original By  L’HAS

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In this poignant scene, Kim Yoo Jung graced the screen draped in a somber yet undeniably elegant black notched collar A-line midi dress from BAU by Bride And You. The choice of attire resonated with a timeless sophistication, capturing the essence of understated beauty and grace.

do do hee my demon outfits inspired


Original By- BAU by Bride And You

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Glamorous Do Do-Hee:

1. Uber-Successful and Business-Savvy: Kim Yoo-Jung's character, Do Do-Hee, is not just a devil; she's a devil with flair. As an uber-successful and business-savvy individual, her fashion choices mirror her confidence and prowess in the corporate world.

2. The One-Word Description: Glamorous: Kim Yoo-Jung's fashion in 'My Demon' can only be described in one word: glamorous. From power suits that command attention in the boardroom to exquisite evening gowns that shimmer under the moonlight, Do Do-Hee's wardrobe is a testament to the character's sophistication.

Unveiling the Devilish Wardrobe:

1. Power Suits: Do Do-Hee's power suits are a visual feast. Tailored to perfection, they embody authority and style. Each suit is a statement, showcasing the character's strength and determination.

2. Evening Gowns that Dazzle: As the devil ventures into the night, Do Do-Hee's evening gowns are nothing short of showstoppers. They weave a narrative of elegance and allure, leaving a trail of glamour wherever she goes.


In the realm of 'My Demon,' Kim Yoo-Jung's fashion becomes a character in itself, narrating the story of Do Do-Hee's journey with glamour and sophistication. As we continue to be enchanted by the devilish charm of the drama, the fashion choices of its leading lady only add to the allure, making 'My Demon' a visual delight and a fashionable escape into the world of romance and comedy.

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